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Reporting Initiatives – Local Government

The following link includes elementary and secondary education entities that prepare external performance reports, including SEA reports.

Elementary and secondary education

The SchoolMatters website (a service of Standard & Poor’s) provides comprehensive information about elementary and secondary school districts in all states in the United States. The information is designed to give policymakers, educators, and parents the tools they need to make better-informed decisions that improve student performance. SchoolMatters will educate, empower, and engage education stakeholders.

  • The information and analysis will educate Americans about how schools and school districts are performing and help them understand the complex relationships between achievement and investment.

  • SchoolMatters will empower educators and policymakers, giving them easy access to the information they need to craft strong education policies.

  • Finally, SchoolMatters will engage the public in a widespread movement to improve our nation's school systems. For the first time, parents and the general public will have instant access to a wide range of data on local schools and schools districts, enabling them to make informed decisions, ranging from policies they advocate to the schools their children attend.

For more information go to http://www.schoolmatters.com/.

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