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  • Advancing Government Accountability
  • The Finance Project
  • GASB Performance Measures for Government
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • Government Performance Coalition: Managing for Results
  • "The Government Performance Coalition is a group of organizations and researchers whose mission is to present to the President, government managers, Congress, the media and the public our views on key performance management issues. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the overall quality of managing for results in the federal government.”

  • Center for the Business of Government
  • The IBM Endowment for the Business of Government stimulates research and facilitates discussion on new approaches to improving the effectiveness of government at the federal, state, local, and international levels.

    Perspective on Management Series is a forum for leaders from the world of government to share their insights and experience in managing the business of government and working to improve public sector effectiveness.

    The Business of Government is a quarterly journal published by the IBM Endowment for the Business of Government, dedicated to improving the management of government.

    One of the five grant areas in the Endowment is Managing for Results. “The Endowment is seeking proposals which examine how organizations align their processes—such as budgeting, workforce, business processes—around their strategic goals. The area also focuses on how organizations use performance and results information to make policy, management, and resource allocation decisions. The Endowment is especially interested in how different organizations work collaboratively to achieve common outcomes. The Endowment is also interested in case studies of the use of balanced scorecards, including the measurement of customer service.”

    • “Benchmarking for Improved Performance: Data Envelopment Analysis as a Tool for Public Managers” (Ronald C. Nyhan)

    • “Beyond the National Performance Review” (James Carroll)

    • “Combining G2C Technology and Managing for Results: Transforming 20th Century Public Reporting into 21st Century Reporting” (Mordecai Lee)

    • “Corporate Strategic Planning in Government: Lessons from the United States Air Force” (Colin Campbell)

    • “Do Performance Measures Improve Performance? The Case of Texas State Agencies” (Joe Adams)

    • “Future Directions for Reform of the Federal Executive Establishment: Lessons Learned from the National Performance Review” (Fred Thompson and James R. Thompson)

    • “Getting Performance Budgeting to Perform” (Allen Schick)

    • “How Federal Programs Use Outcome Information: Opportunities for Federal Managers” (Harry Hatry, Elaine Morleyand, Shelli Rossmanand, and Joseph Wholey)

    • “Improving Performance Management in the Workforce Investment Act Program” (Carolyn Heinrich)

    • “Linking Performance to Budgeting” (Philip Joyce)

    • “Managing for Results: Baltimore's CitiStat Program in an Intergovernmental Context” (Lenneal J. Henderson)

    • “Managing Outcomes: Milestone Contracting in Oklahoma” (Peter Frumkin)

    • "Performance Management: A "Start Where You Are, Use What You Have" Guide” (Christopher G. Wye)

    • “Performance Measurement, Performance Management, and Performance Budgeting: Overcoming the Challenges” (Joseph Wholey)

    • “The Challenge of Developing Cross-Agency Measures: A Case Study of the Office of National Drug Control Policy” (John Carnevale and Patrick J. Murphy)

    • “The Potential of the Government Performance and Results Act as a Tool to Manage Third-Party Government” (David George Frederickson)

    • “The President’s Management Council: An Important Management Innovation” (Margaret L. Yao)

    • “Using Evaluation to Support Performance Management: A Guide for Federal Executives” (Kathryn E. Newcomer and Mary Ann Scheirer)

    • “Using Performance Measures to Improve Collaborative Processes: Lessons from 3 Watershed Management Programs” (Mark Imperial)

    • “Using Performance Data for Accountability: The New York City Police Department's CompStat Model of Police Management” (Paul E. O'Connell)

  • Integrated Outcomes Limited
  • Create the right process and you will get the right outcome. Integrated Outcomes has developed a fast, easy-to-implement process for charities to measure and apply outcomes effectively. Integrated within the process are other models like case management, internal tracking and continuous improvement. This integrated process will produce consistent results and will create a simpler way to manage operations.

  • International City/County Management Association
  • The Sloan Foundation

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