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Demonstration grants

With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the National Center for Civic Innovation is launching the Government Performance Reporting Demonstration Project. The aim of this three-year initiative is to encourage local and state government to apply the criteria specified in the Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s (GASB) Special Report, Reporting Performance Information: Suggested Criteria for Effective Communication.

To encourage a wide range of participation, approximately 30 governments will be awarded grants of about $30,000 to assist them in preparing two annual reports on performance, using some or all of the GASB Suggested Criteria. Preference will be given to jurisdictions that will meet all or a large number of the GASB Suggested Criteria. Grant recipients will be expected to communicate performance data to their constituents, and assess the influence and effectiveness of their reports.

Grants will be awarded on a staggered basis after application are received and reviewed by a selection panel comprised of individuals with expert knowledge or experience with citizen-based government performance measures. Selection will begin in the summer of 2003 with the aim of making all awards by December 31, 2003.

Grants will provide important recognition to the state and local governments that are selected, identifying them as innovators and trailblazers in performance measurement. GASB SEA staff will be available to grantees to provide expert technical assistance. All grant recipients will have access to reports, information on best practices, lessons learned, and other developments through special e-mail lists and web communications.

Who is Eligible?

Any U.S. State or general-purpose local government may apply, and some special-purpose entities, such as school districts, transportation authorities and regional water or sewer districts or authorities, may be considered.

Only those who have had some prior experience collecting and reporting performance data, at least for internal purposes, will be considered.

They must agree to:

  • Prepare and promulgate at least two annual performance reports during the next three years, applying some or all of the Suggested Criteria;
  • Release their annual performance reports to their constituents within six months of the end of the first year report;
  • Submit brief quarterly progress reports that can be shared with other grantees;
  • Submit a brief final report describing what was learned fro the process; recommendations to others who want to experiment with performance reporting; an assessment of the Suggested Criteria, including the extent to which they were found to be helpful in preparing a performance report that communicates to citizens, an dhow, if at all, the criteria should be modified; a description of how citizens were involved in the process and an evaluation of this involvement; and whether the government intends to continue preparing performance reports for its citizens and why or why not.
  • Serve as a resource for other governments that want to initiate or improve their performance reporting.

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