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GASB project – Project description

The GASBís involvement and research in performance reporting dates back to the early 1980ís.

Since 1997, research has been funded by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The objective of this project has been to encourage the reporting of SEA performance information and to determine whether the GASB will consider establishing service efforts and accomplishments (SEA) reporting guidelines for inclusion in general purpose external financial reporting (GPEFR).

This project was divided into six (6) phases.

  1. Establish a performance measurement clearinghouse on the internet.
  2. Analyze and evaluate the effects of using performance measures for budgeting, managing, and reporting.
  3. Usersí responses to performance measures.
  4. Guidelines on effective communication methods.
  5. Experimentation with guidelines.
  6. Characteristics needed for general purpose external financial reporting.

    As a result of their research, experimentation, and monitoring, the GASB staff is currently working on amending Concepts Statement No. 2, Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting, and on developing the Suggested Guidelines for Voluntary Reporting of SEA performance Information.

    For the most up-to-date information about the status of the GASBís SEA project, visit the GASBís SEA Project Page.

    In addition to the full-time staff and researchers, a taskforce on Service Efforts and Accomplishments was organized to aide in researching and developing SEA reporting.

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